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Data Center Pre Fab Walls - Data Room Enclosure Walls NJ.

Secured Enclosures cab be created with Pre-Fab modular wall panels with options of doors and access hardware and choice of solid prefab walls or prefab window walls.

 Energy Saving Prefab Wall Enclosures can be designed to maximize energy efficiency when designing hot and cold arrangements and manipulate specific air flow paths. Modular Prefab Data Room walls are low cost solution to maintaining lower tempertures within the server housing. Hot Aisle and cold aisle configurations can accomodated to funel cool air into server housing while funneling hot air away from your servers.

Walls can extend floor to ceiling allowing hot air to escape through the roof without comprimising the previously cooled and conditioned air. Portafabs modular design allows for ease of reconfiguring or relocating the walls when needed. Conact us today for immediate complimentary design and assistance. Our team provides on site layouts. drawings, Quick pricing, delivery and instlallation. Contact us now for immediate assistance. P(732)489-3867 or Email us

Ideal for:

  • Online retailers
  • Banks
  • Data Centers
  • Credit Card Processors
  • Retail
  • Business   
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