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data center cages Philadelphia PA 19147

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Colocation Cages, Data Center Cages, IT Networking Cages, Server Cages. Proudly serving Philadelphia PA. Daily Deliveries. Professional Installations.  P(732)489-3867

Data Center and Colocation Cages divide and provide secure server, communications and network equipment. We Stock All Welded wire and Woven Wire Mesh of cages in all sizes available.

Conviently located just 15 minutes from Philadelphia P(732) 489-3867

Benefits of our Colocations and Data Cages

Top Quality Construction:
Thick 8 gauge galvanized  Weldedsteel wire in a rectangular pattern that is securely welded at each intersection. Galvanized open welded wire provides unobstructed view, allows air circulation and light penetration, while providing security. Panels, posts and doors are all-steel and completely galvanized for long-lasting performance and good looks.

Cost Effective and Secure: Even with all its advantages, the cost of Fence Colocation Cages is cost effective in stock in Galvanized Welded Welded Grids or Woven Wire Partition at Gales.

Versatile:  IT Fence welded wire panels can be trimmed in the field to accommodate changes in dimensions, floor or wall irregularities, pipe cutouts and other obstructions.

Heavy Duty, secure: Colocation Cages gets its strength from 8 gauge welded wire mesh and its all-steel construction.

Maintenance-Free: Looks new for years to come. Galvanized components are rustproof and maintenance-free—no paint touchups are ever needed.

Modular: Component system makes planning, installing and relocating easy in any space. We also offer free design service and our dealers can arrange professional installation.

Attractive: Bright steel mesh gives it a clean, attractive look in both office and production areas. Powder coated colors optional.

Also available: Numerous door and lock options, extra-high rooms, service windows, ceiling panels and custom sizes and configurations.

Turn Key Service: Our Team will help you design, provide shop drawings and Installation

Gales provides complimentary on site Layouts, Code Compliance Guidance and Quote.