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Wire Partitions New York City. SecurityCagesNJ stocks Wire Partitions in Welded Wire, Woven Wire in Gray and Galvanized. Ideal for creating security cages, tenant storage cages, Data Room and DEA Pharmaceutical Cages. Free onsite layouts. Qucik deliveries and installations. Secure Visual storage for your inventory and equipment. Available in 5 powder coat finishes and Galvanized Steel Welded Wire or Woven Wire Partition. Contact us for a free onsite layout, quote and code compliance guidelines. Our security cage tech will save you space, time and provide cost saving solutions.

 Call us now, We are open 7 days a week a drawing of your requirements, Free onsite Layouts immediate pricing, drawings and cost saving suggestions. 

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Our Welded Wire Partitions allows for detailed on site cuts around ducts, overhead pipe and columns. (See picture below around overhead Ducts), Every Job is standard. No high costs costs involved with our user friendly design.

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